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inaniBABY is designed for babies 6 months and older

It is best for strong babies to only drink mommy’s breast milk during the first six months. Breast milk is nature’s superfood! Go Mommy!!! From six months and older, baby needs solid food. Baby now grows about 1mm taller in every 3 days. To grow this fast, baby needs food containing growth nutrients. Growth nutrients are good quality proteins, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals. We** designed inaniBABY to carry growth nutrients and support baby’s growth.

To make 100% sure inaniBABY carries growth nutrients it has:

2 x different whole legumes

chickpeas & peanuts

Whole milk powder

Added vitamins & minerals

4 x different whole grains

maize, wheat, oats & sorghum

Buttermilk powder


The variety in the recipe supports microbial colonies in baby's tummy for building a strong gut biome. Baby will love the smooth texture and buttery taste. O, and two more things: inaniBABY does not contain any preservatives and colourants. The little bit of peanuts will also help baby to overcome any possible peanut allergens.

** Maria van der Merwe - Registered dietitian and nutritionist
Hanna Kruger - Registered Dietitian and Lactation Consultant
Izelri Marx – Food Scientist
Schae-Lee Olckers – Food Scientist

We are a proud brand

of the INANI StartWell Foundation

The Inani StartWell Foundation is a South African NPO working to raise awareness and measurably contribute towards eliminating child stunting. 27% of children under the age of 5 are considered stunted in South Africa due to limited access to nutrient-dense food. The Inani StartWell Foundation's primary focus is to combat malnutrition and child stunting by designing, manufacturing & providing nutrient-rich morning meals. Through various partnerships we help feed thousands of children in need. Feeding children high quality, bioavailable proteins in the early development stages of a child’s life is critical for full brain, metabolic development.

Contact us if you want to help feed a child and combat our country's high stunting rates

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